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Free Report: Critical HR Recordkeeping - From Hiring to Termination

How would your company rate if its personnel files and other employment records were audited right this very minute? Would you find that records are retained as required by federal and state law? Do you know what those legal requirements are?


Register today and receive a complimentary 24-page special report, Critical HR Recordkeeping. In this easy-to-understand special report, you will receive valuable information about keeping your records in compliance. Along with your complimentary report, you'll receive a 14-day trial of BLR's revolutionary website, can help you do your job better by providing you with:

  • Plain-English employment law analysis. Get side-by-side analysis of both federal and state employment laws. Quickly create customizable, easily exportable reports.
  • Ask the experts. Consult with our team of legal experts to get quick and direct answers to your most pressing HR questions.
  • Time-savers. Save time completing your daily HR tasks with hundreds of downloadable job descriptions, white papers, PowerPoint® presentations, checklists, policies, and training meetings.
  • Job Description Manager. Thousands of searchable, prewritten, legally reviewed job descriptions are just a click away. All editable descriptions include suggested grade and salary levels for your state.
  • Salary data. Access salary data for more than 40,000 job titles at the national, state, and local level. Create custom profiles and benchmarks for your organization.
  • Recordkeeping tools. From training talks to checklists to quizzes, we have a variety of recordkeeping tools available to help you stay organized and on track.

Learn more by taking a tour at so you can see this award-winning portal in action.
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