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Here, you'll find all of's materials to help you train your employees. This section includes Audio Presentations and a dedicated Spanish training area. Also, our Training Resources appear with every training kit.
Audio Presentations's audio presentations do all the talking for you, saving you time and effort. You can see the list of titles by following the link above.
76921Motor VehiclesAudio PresentationsDefensive Driving--Commercial Motor Vehicles (Audio)English
76900Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Audio PresentationsFLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio)English
75247RecordsHandoutsAll About Recordkeeping (Handout)English
16648LeadershipHandoutsClear, Effective Writing (Handout)English
102149Disabilities (ADA)HandoutsDealing with ‘Hidden’ Disabilities (Handout)English
102143PrivacyHandoutsEducating Employees About Their Role in Cybersecurity (Handout)English
102146DiversityHandoutsGenerational Diversity (Training Talk Handout)English
77575Pre-Employment Inquiries (Interviewing)HandoutsInterviewing Tips and Techniques (Handout)English
101885EthicsHandoutsUnconscious Bias (Handout)English
101888EthicsHandoutsWorkplace Civility (Handout)English
76955Motor VehiclesPowerPointsDefensive Driving--Commercial Motor Vehicles (PPT)English
10564Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)PowerPointsFLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (PPT)English
16021HiringPowerPointsHiring Legally (PPT)English
75248RecordsQuizzesAll About Recordkeeping (Quiz)English
98968Sexual HarassmentQuizzesAvoiding All Types of Harassment (Quiz)English
16791LeadershipQuizzesClear, Effective Writing (Quiz)English
102150Disabilities (ADA)QuizzesDealing with ‘Hidden’ Disabilities (Quiz)English
102144PrivacyQuizzesEducating Employees About Their Role in Cybersecurity (Quiz)English
102147DiversityQuizzesGenerational Diversity (Training Talk Quiz)English
77591HiringQuizzesInterviewing Tips and Techniques (Quiz)English
101886EthicsQuizzesUnconscious Bias (Quiz)English
101889EthicsQuizzesWorkplace Civility (Quiz)English
76958Motor VehiclesSpeaker's NotesDefensive Driving--Commercial Motor Vehicles - Script ViewEnglish
15014Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Speaker's NotesFLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know - Script ViewEnglish
16017HiringSpeaker's NotesHiring Legally - Script ViewEnglish
16018HiringTrainer's GuidesHiring Legally (Trainer's Guides)English
16009Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Training ExercisesFLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Exercise 1)English
76504RecordsTraining TalksAll About Recordkeeping (Training Talk)English
76538LeadershipTraining TalksClear, Effective Writing (Training Talk)English
102148Disabilities (ADA)Training TalksDealing with ‘Hidden’ Disabilities (Training Talk)English
102142DiversityTraining TalksEducating Employees About Their Role in Cybersecurity (Training Talk)English
102145DiversityTraining TalksGenerational Diversity (Training Talk)English
77658Pre-Employment Inquiries (Interviewing)Training TalksInterviewing Tips and Techniques (Training Talk)English
101884EthicsTraining TalksUnconscious Bias (Training Talk)English
101887EthicsTraining TalksWorkplace Civility (Training Talk)English
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