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Here, you'll find all of's materials to help you train your employees. This section includes Audio Presentations and a dedicated Spanish training area. Also, our Training Resources appear with every training kit.
Audio Presentations's audio presentations do all the talking for you, saving you time and effort. You can see the list of titles by following the link above.
15981Disabilities (ADA)HandoutsADA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Handout 1)English
104895Disabilities (ADA)HandoutsADA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Handout 2)English
10526Disabilities (ADA)PowerPointsADA--What Supervisors Need to KnowEnglish
96812Healthcare InsurancePowerPointsAffordable Care Act: What You Need to KnowEnglish
16005DiversityPowerPointsDiversity for all EmployeesEnglish
15674DiversityPowerPointsDiversity Fundamentals for Supervisors English
10564Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)PowerPointsFLSA--What Supervisors Need to KnowEnglish
78897DiversityPowerPointsGenerational Diversity English
15665HiringPowerPointsInterviewing Skills for Supervisors English
80054TrainingPowerPointsProblem Solving for Employees English
79637LeadershipPowerPointsProblem-Solving for SupervisorsEnglish
14948Disabilities (ADA)QuizzesADA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Quiz)English
15986Healthcare InsuranceQuizzesAffordable Care Act: What You Need to Know (Quiz 1)English
16000DiversityQuizzesDiversity for all Employees (Quiz)English
78899DiversityQuizzesGenerational Diversity (Quiz)English
14977Disabilities (ADA)Speaker's NotesADA--What Supervisors Need to Know - Script ViewEnglish
92965Healthcare InsuranceSpeaker's NotesAffordable Care Act: What You Need to Know -- Script ViewEnglish
15672DiversitySpeaker's NotesDiversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Speaker's Notes)English
15014Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Speaker's NotesFLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know - Script ViewEnglish
78900DiversitySpeaker's NotesGenerational Diversity - Script ViewEnglish
15659HiringSpeaker's NotesInterviewing Skills for Supervisors - Script ViewEnglish
80057TrainingSpeaker's NotesProblem Solving for Employees - Script ViewEnglish
79640LeadershipSpeaker's NotesProblem-Solving for Supervisors - Script ViewEnglish
15982Disabilities (ADA)Trainer's GuidesADA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Trainer's Guides)English
15996DiversityTrainer's GuidesDiversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Trainer's Guides)English
79056Disabilities (ADA)Training ExercisesADA--What Supervisors Need to Know Training (Exercise 1)English
79057Disabilities (ADA)Training ExercisesADA--What Supervisors Need to Know Training (Exercise 2)English
15998DiversityTraining ExercisesDiversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Exercise 1)English
15997DiversityTraining ExercisesDiversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Exercise 2)English
76524TrainingTraining ResourcesAttendee Sign-in FormEnglish
76522TrainingTraining ResourcesHow to Train EffectivelyEnglish
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