All training sessions and supporting documents added in the last two months
76524training.aspxTrainingTraining Resources Attendee Sign-in Form EnglishNational
15674training.aspxDiversityPowerPoints Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors EnglishNational
15998training.aspxDiversityTraining Exercises Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Exercise 1) EnglishNational
15997training.aspxDiversityTraining Exercises Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Exercise 2) EnglishNational
15672training.aspxDiversitySpeaker's Notes Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Speaker's Notes) EnglishNational
15996training.aspxDiversityTrainer's Guides Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Trainer's Guides) EnglishNational
10564training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)PowerPoints FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know EnglishNational
15014training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Speaker's Notes FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know - Script View EnglishNational
76522training.aspxTrainingTraining Resources How to Train Effectively EnglishNational
80054training.aspxTrainingPowerPoints Problem Solving for Employees EnglishNational
80057training.aspxTrainingSpeaker's Notes Problem Solving for Employees - Script View EnglishNational
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