All training sessions and supporting documents added in the last two months
93520training.aspxFirst AidAudio Presentations Basic First Aid (Audio) EnglishNational
82399training.aspxFirst AidHandouts Basic First Aid (Handout) EnglishNational
82394training.aspxFirst AidPowerPoints Basic First Aid (PPT) EnglishNational
82400training.aspxFirst AidTrainer's Guides Basic First Aid (Trainer's Guides) EnglishNational
82398training.aspxFirst AidSpeaker's Notes Basic First Aid - Script View EnglishNational
16648training.aspxLeadershipHandouts Clear, Effective Writing (Handout) EnglishNational
16791training.aspxLeadershipQuizzes Clear, Effective Writing (Quiz) EnglishNational
76538training.aspxLeadershipTraining Talks Clear, Effective Writing (Training Talk) EnglishNational
76900training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Audio Presentations FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
16009training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Training Exercises FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Exercise 1) EnglishNational
10564training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)PowerPoints FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know (PPT) EnglishNational
15014training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Speaker's Notes FLSA--What Supervisors Need to Know - Script View EnglishNational
77575training.aspxPre-Employment Inquiries (Interviewing)Handouts Interviewing Tips and Techniques (Handout) EnglishNational
77591training.aspxHiringQuizzes Interviewing Tips and Techniques (Quiz) EnglishNational
77658training.aspxPre-Employment Inquiries (Interviewing)Training Talks Interviewing Tips and Techniques (Training Talk) EnglishNational
101885training.aspxEthicsHandouts Unconscious Bias (Handout) EnglishNational
101886training.aspxEthicsQuizzes Unconscious Bias (Quiz) EnglishNational
101884training.aspxEthicsTraining Talks Unconscious Bias (Training Talk) EnglishNational
101888training.aspxEthicsHandouts Workplace Civility (Handout) EnglishNational
101889training.aspxEthicsQuizzes Workplace Civility (Quiz) EnglishNational
101887training.aspxEthicsTraining Talks Workplace Civility (Training Talk) EnglishNational
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