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92629training.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)PowerPoints Understanding COBRA/HIPAA for Supervisors (PPT) EnglishNational
96812training.aspxHealthcare InsurancePowerPoints Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know (PPT) EnglishNational
78909training.aspxWellnessPowerPoints All About Nutrition (PPT) EnglishNational
10632training.aspxDeath in FamilyPowerPoints Bereavement (PPT) EnglishNational
75572training.aspxBenefits OverviewPowerPoints Employee Benefits--What Supervisors Need to Know (PPT) EnglishNational
76138training.aspxCounseling Services/ EAPsPowerPoints Employee Counseling and the EAP for Supervisors (PPT) EnglishNational
80784training.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansPowerPoints Financial Wellness (PPT) EnglishNational
10522training.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)PowerPoints FMLA--What Supervisors Need to Know (PPT) EnglishNational
79308training.aspxWellnessPowerPoints Healthy Aging (PPT) EnglishNational
79630training.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansPowerPoints How to Explain the 401(k) to Your Employees (PPT) EnglishNational
78469training.aspxMilitary Service (USERRA)PowerPoints How to Manage Military Leave (PPT) EnglishNational
10518training.aspxWellnessPowerPoints Stress Management (PPT) EnglishNational
79644training.aspxWellnessPowerPoints Successful Weight Management (PPT) EnglishNational
79509training.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)PowerPoints Understanding the Interplay Between FMLA and ADA (PPT) EnglishNational
78033training.aspxWellnessPowerPoints Wellness and You (PPT) EnglishNational
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