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76906training.aspxViolence in the WorkplaceAudio Presentations Violence in the Workplace - How to Prevent and Defuse for Supervisors (Audio Presentation) National01/19/2022
96815training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations Top-Down Communication for Supervisors (Audio) National10/21/2021
105866training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations COVID-19 and the Workplace (Audio) National07/13/2021
76911training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Workplace Safety for Employees (Audio) National05/06/2021
78814training.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementAudio Presentations Employment Law For Supervisors--What You Should and Shouldn't Do (Audio) National02/21/2021
96822training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Workplace Harassment--What Employees Need to Know (Audio) National02/08/2021
77206training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations New Employee Safety Orientation (Audio) National01/20/2021
107055training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Mold Hazards and Prevention National10/14/2020
105655training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors (Audio Presentation) National09/28/2020
76891training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Diversity for All Employees (Audio) National09/21/2020
105490training.aspxSexual HarassmentAudio Presentations Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Supervisors(Audio) National09/15/2020
105742training.aspxHiringAudio Presentations Interviewing Skills for Supervisors (Audio) National03/17/2020
105656training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Audio Presentations FLSA—What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) National02/13/2020
105525training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Interrupting Unconscious Bias for Supervisors (Audio) National10/09/2019
105524training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Recognizing and Overcoming Unconscious Bias for Employees and Supervisors (Audio Presentation) National10/09/2019
105414training.aspxSexual HarassmentAudio Presentations Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees (Audio) National08/06/2019
76915training.aspxWorkers' CompensationAudio Presentations Workers' Compensation--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) National06/01/2019
78731training.aspxTermination (with Discharge)Audio Presentations Grounds for Termination--What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) National04/17/2018
76917training.aspxHiringAudio Presentations Hiring Legally (Audio) National12/08/2017
96421training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Working in Hot Conditions - Audio National04/19/2017
106993training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Generational Diversity (Audio) National12/02/2016
95935training.aspxComplaints and InvestigationsAudio Presentations Handling Employee Complaints (Audio) National11/28/2016
94383training.aspxPrivacyAudio Presentations What You Need to Know About Identity Theft (Audio) National11/04/2016
79701training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations Coaching for Superior Employee Performance--Techniques for Supervisors (Audio) National10/21/2016
76905training.aspxViolence in the WorkplaceAudio Presentations Preventing Workplace Violence: What Employees Need to Know (Audio) National10/11/2016
96831training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Successful Weight Management (Audio) National10/03/2016
78925training.aspxAlcohol and DrugsAudio Presentations Substance Abuse in the Workplace--What Employees Need to Know (Audio) National09/26/2016
76910training.aspxHealthcare InsuranceAudio Presentations Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know (Audio) National09/06/2016
77130training.aspxSexual HarassmentAudio Presentations Sexual Harassment--What Employees Need to Know (Spanish) (Audio Presentation) National08/15/2016
96817training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Healthy Aging (Audio) National07/25/2016
96808training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Negotiation Skills for All Employees (Audio) National07/20/2016
96608training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Writing Skills for Employees (Audio Presentation) National06/30/2016
96814training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers (Audio) National06/29/2016
78712training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Good Housekeeping (Audio) National06/24/2016
93319training.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansAudio Presentations How to Explain the 401(k) to Your Employees (Audio) National11/10/2015
78986training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Effective Meetings--How to for Supervisors (Audio) National08/17/2015
78700training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Communication Skills for Employees (Audio) National04/17/2015
97944training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations All About Nutrition (Audio) National04/14/2015
97945training.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementAudio Presentations Dealing with Change--How Supervisors Can Help (Audio) National04/14/2015
76907training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Time Management Skills for Employees (Audio) National04/02/2015
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