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76910training.aspxHealthcare InsuranceAudio Presentations Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
97944training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations All About Nutrition (Audio) EnglishNational
78695training.aspxEmployee HandbooksAudio Presentations Attendance Management--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
81260training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Ethics--What Employees Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
94687training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Ethics: What Employees Need to Know--Spanish (Audio) SpanishNational
96608training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Writing for Employees - Audio EnglishNational
96814training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers (Audio) EnglishNational
79701training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations Coaching for Superior Employee Performance--Techniques for Supervisors (Audio) EnglishNational
96645training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Conflict Resolution and Consensus Building - Audio EnglishNational
96668training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Conflict Resolution for Employees - Audio EnglishNational
79256training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Customer Service Skills--How We Can All Improve (Audio) EnglishNational
97945training.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementAudio Presentations Dealing with Change--How Supervisors Can Help (Audio) EnglishNational
76891training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Diversity for All Employees (Audio) EnglishNational
101383training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Diversity for All Employees--Spanish (Audio) SpanishNational
105655training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Diversity Fundamentals for Supervisors EnglishNational
96694training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations E-Mail Best Practices for All Employees - Audio EnglishNational
78700training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Effective Communication for Employees (Audio) EnglishNational
96815training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations Effective Communication for Supervisors (Audio) EnglishNational
78986training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Effective Meetings--How to for Supervisors (Audio) EnglishNational
78814training.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementAudio Presentations Employment Law For Supervisors--What You Should and Shouldn't Do (Audio) EnglishNational
96650training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Encouraging Employee Input - Audio EnglishNational
93408training.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementAudio Presentations Essential HR--For Those Who Have Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities (Audio) EnglishNational
96698training.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansAudio Presentations Financial Wellness - Audio EnglishNational
105656training.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Audio Presentations FLSA—What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
79211training.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Audio Presentations FMLA--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
78712training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Good Housekeeping (Audio) EnglishNational
78731training.aspxTermination (with Discharge)Audio Presentations Grounds for Termination--What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
95935training.aspxComplaints and InvestigationsAudio Presentations Handling Employee Complaints (Audio) EnglishNational
93328training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Hazcom and GHS--What Employees Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
96817training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Healthy Aging (Audio) EnglishNational
76917training.aspxHiringAudio Presentations Hiring Legally (Audio) EnglishNational
93532training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Home Safety (Audio) EnglishNational
93319training.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansAudio Presentations How to Explain the 401(k) to Your Employees (Audio) EnglishNational
78696training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations How to Manage Challenging Employees (Audio) EnglishNational
93857training.aspxMilitary Service (USERRA)Audio Presentations How To Manage Military Leave (Audio) EnglishNational
105525training.aspxDiscriminationAudio Presentations Interrupting Unconscious Bias for Supervisors (Audio) EnglishNational
76916training.aspxJob DescriptionsAudio Presentations Job Descriptions--How to Write Them Effectively (Audio) EnglishNational
78987training.aspxLeadershipAudio Presentations Leadership Skills--What New Supervisors and Managers Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
80175training.aspxPerformance AppraisalAudio Presentations Measuring Job Performance--What Supervisors Need to Know (Audio) EnglishNational
79777training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Motivating Employees--Tips and Tactics for Supervisors (Audio) EnglishNational
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