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Job Description Manager
State Law Chart Builder
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Choose an employee management issue from a menu of over 75 topics, like medical leave certifications, same-sex benefits, or social media privacy. Then choose the state(s) in which you have employees. State Law Chart Builder summarizes the relevant state laws and distills each into an easy reading paragraph, explaining exactly what to do under that area of the law when managing your workforce.

Job Description Manager
Select from thousands of prewritten, standardized job descriptions; modify them and save them in your personal job description library. Produce PDFs and printed versions with a click of your mouse. Finding and customizing job descriptions has never been easier! Learn how to use the Job Description Manager with this video tutorial.
Custom Document Builder
Create custom policies, forms and handbooks in minutes. Select from our extensive library of prewritten, ready-to-use documents or create your own. Assemble documents into custom handbooks that you can produce in different formats. Learn how to use the HR Policy and Employee Handbook Manager with this video tutorial.
Calculate cost per hire, revenue per employee, and much more to identify problems and solutions, and improve your organization’s ability to compete.
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