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96806timesavers.aspxCompensation AdministrationCalculators Compensation Mix - Organization National
82307faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers How should restaurants start preparing for healthcare reform for their hourly, non-management staff? What are the options available to an employer? National
91695faqs.aspxTrainingQuestions & Answers If we hired an intern, do we really have to pay them? National
81006faqs.aspxAliens and ImmigrationQuestions & Answers Is it true that we do not have to reverify Permanent Resident Alien Cards? National
101849news.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansNews PBGC Removes Possible Trigger for Early Warning Program Review National
87139faqs.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Questions & Answers (1) Can we designate FMLA leave retroactively? (2) If an employee does not submit certification, can we still designate leave as FMLA? National
85572faqs.aspxVacationsQuestions & Answers (1) How do you account for holidays when employees work a compressed workweek? (2) What should we consider when converting from a vacation/sick policy to PTO? National
92722faqs.aspxPart-Time EmployeesQuestions & Answers -- Type Question Here --Can a part time employee working 32 hour a week be an exempt employee with no overtime to be paid. Example: If they work 34 hours in a week do we have to pay them the extra 2 hours at a regular rate? National
94197faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers -- Type Question Here --The company offers health care benefits and pays more than the required 50% currently for the employee rate. If they decide to reduce that percentage; are they required to let the employee know of that change within a certain tim National
97986faqs.aspxBenefits OverviewQuestions & Answers -- We have a former employee who wants to keep her domestic partner insured under COBRA National
93891faqs.aspxDisabilities (ADA)Questions & Answers --I am trying to find a sample EEOC employer response to a charge of ADA discrimination. National
82948faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers -Can you advise under the Healthcare Reform timeline if a person has prior coverage and is moving to another state, for example Connecticut, would this person be able to go onto an Individual plan effective for 9-1-10 if they have pre existing condit National
101787news.aspxCivil RightsNews ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Leaves LGBT Nondiscrimination Provisions Intact National
82434state_comparison_charts.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Guidance 1-FMLA Compliance Guide: Integration with Other Leave Laws National
81438timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementChecklists 10-Point 2010 HR Checklist National
101824news.aspxDisabilities (ADA)News 10th Circuit: FedEx Regards Employee as Disabled Based on Inaccurate Aetna Claim National
101786news.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)News 12-Month Leave Extension Not Reasonable Under ADA, 1st Circuit Says National
82433state_comparison_charts.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Guidance 2-FMLA Compliance Guide: Employer Coverage and Employee Eligibility National
92041surveys.aspxCompensation AdministrationSurveys 2012 & 2013 Pay Budget Survey Data National
93922surveys.aspxCompensation AdministrationSurveys 2013 & 2014 Pay Budget Survey Data National
94320surveys.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Surveys 2013 Employee Leave Survey Data National
94321surveys.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Surveys 2013 Employee Leave Survey Summary National
93364surveys.aspxBenefits OverviewSurveys 2013 Employment Perks Survey Data National
93363surveys.aspxBenefits OverviewSurveys 2013 Employment Perks Survey Summary National
93067surveys.aspxHealthcare InsuranceSurveys 2013 Health Insurance Survey Data National
93066surveys.aspxHealthcare InsuranceSurveys 2013 Health Insurance Survey Summary National
94485surveys.aspxVacationsSurveys 2013 Holiday Practices Survey Data National
94484surveys.aspxVacationsSurveys 2013 Holiday Practices Survey Summary National
94024surveys.aspxEmployee HandbooksSurveys 2013 HR Policy Survey Data National
94025surveys.aspxEmployee HandbooksSurveys 2013 HR Policy Survey Summary National
93709surveys.aspxPerformance AppraisalSurveys 2013 Performance Management Survey Data National
93710surveys.aspxPerformance AppraisalSurveys 2013 Performance Management Survey Summary National
94648surveys.aspxHiringSurveys 2013 Recruiting & Retention Survey Data National
94647surveys.aspxHiringSurveys 2013 Recruiting & Retention Survey Summary National
93258surveys.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansSurveys 2013 Retirement Benefits Survey Data National
93257surveys.aspxRetirement Savings and Pension PlansSurveys 2013 Retirement Benefits Survey Summary National
94757surveys.aspxCompensation AdministrationSurveys 2013 Survey Year-End Review National
93568surveys.aspxTrainingSurveys 2013 Training & Development Survey Data National
93567surveys.aspxTrainingSurveys 2013 Training & Development Survey Summary National
94160surveys.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementSurveys 2013 Your HR Department Survey Data National
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