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 HR Strange But True

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Supporting DACA Recipients More Important Than Ever
Topic: Aliens and Immigration
Type: Podcast

The major win for DACA recipients a few weeks ago made the news for how unexpected it was. However, the issue is far from solved. In this episode, we discuss what you need to know about supporting your DACA workers right now before things change.

We are pleased to have back with us today, Jonathan Petts, Co-Founder of a non-profit organization called Immigrants Like Us. In this episode, he helps us understand where things stand right now with DACA and what resources HR needs to have to best serve this vulnerable, hardworking group of people. You can view their DACA renewal guide here.

Jonathan is the proud husband and son of American immigrants. Prior to co-founding Immigrants Like Us, Jonathan practiced at two international law firms and graduated from both law school and college at the University of Pennsylvania. He has served as an advisor on international law to both the IMF and the World Bank. In 2017, Jonathan was recognized by FastCase as one of the 50 most innovative leaders in the legal profession.

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