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 HR Strange But True

HR Works 113: A Close Look at Working From Home
Topic: Telecommuting
Type: Podcast

In this episode we discuss the new remote workforce. Most of us that remain employed do so from our homes. This has created a host of new problems. That includes people having to setup their home offices that didn’t have the technology or space to do so. People are working alongside their children, pets, and spouses. Risk factors for mental health and other issues are through the roof including isolation, increased drug and alcohol use, and anxiety to name a few. Experts have been calling for the move to remote for years now, but it seems we have finally been pushed there whether we were ready or not.

We have two experts with us today to discuss this topic. The first is Andrew Meadows, SVP of HR, Brand, and Culture at Ubiquity Retirement and Savings. He has worked for two decades in the retirement and savings space and is a fierce advocate for the small business. Having worked and transformed every area of Ubiquity including client experience, partnerships, and more, Andrew has now devised a new structure of consistent quality and brand promise, moving on to extend that promise internally throughout the company’s culture.

We also have with us today Matt Fairhurst, the co-founder and CEO of Skedulo, a mobile workforce management service. Matt is driven by the possibilities technology creates for the ever-growing mobile workforce.

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