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HR Works 108: Overcoming Training Roadblocks
Topic: Training
Type: Podcast
What are your training roadblocks? Perhaps you don't have the time or resources to roll out the training you need. Maybe you can't get buy-in from leadership. It could be that your training never sticks, so why bother? In this episode of HR Works, our guest believes that such roadblocks are far from insurmountable.

We are pleased to have Diane Sadwoski-Joseph, Director of Facilitator Development at LifeLabs Learning with us. She uses her specialization in adult learning, strategic communication, and behavior change to help LifeLabs Facilitators become world-class educators. Before LifeLabs, Diane built People Ops, L&D, and train-the-trainer programs in organizations around the globe. She also studies the differences between average and great influencers in the People Ops space.

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