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HR Works 92: Mental Health Is a Hidden, Stigmatized, and Serious Problem
Topic: Safety and Health
Type: Podcast

In this episode of HR Works, we discuss the very serious issue of mental health in the workplace. Mental health discussions have a tendency to focus on mental illness. While mental illness is certainly a critical concern of mental health, everyone is susceptible to poor mental wellness and HR managers need to address the concerns of every one of their employees. Our guest had a first-hand experience with the world of mental health that profoundly impacted him and set him on a path towards helping others.

We are very lucky to have Eric Kussin, the founder of We Are All A Little Crazy: a 501c3 dedicated to making sure that everyone in the workplace is accepted, heard when they want to be, and safe. In this episode, Kussin tell us a little bit more about his path to where he is now. It’s one that is remarkable but will likely also be familiar to a lot of our listeners out there that personally live with, or have friends, family, and coworkers that live with mental wellness concerns.

You can find the STARR practices that Kussin mentions here.

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