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 HR Strange But True

HR Works 161: ADHD Isn't a Knowledge Problem, It's a Performance Problem
Topic: Disabilities (ADA)
Type: Podcast

According to experts, the number of adults with ADHD is between 4% and 5%. Although we can’t say for sure if those numbers are among the workforce, it is likely you have employees with ADHD – and if you don’t, you will.

ADHD is one of those things that is vastly misunderstood and poorly portrayed in the media. And even the name itself poorly describes what ADHD is and really like. In addition to being misunderstood, these individuals routinely have difficulty with employment, and those difficulties can mask their natural capabilities. Furthermore, the severity of the disorder varies widely from person to person and is managed in very different ways as well from person to person.

Today's guest is an advocate and disability expert with a lot to say on the subject. I am pleased to have with me Dr. J. Russell Ramsey, Co-Director of Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

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