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 HR Strange But True

HR Works 141: Evolving Benefits in an Evolving World
Topic: Benefits Overview
Type: Podcast

In this episode, we are going to discuss how the need for benefits has changed over the last year, why some benefits don’t matter as much anymore and which new benefits are a must-have, and related benefits topics with Carla DeMello, President, Employee Benefits at GCG, an Alera Group company.

Carla is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the employee benefits division along with all aspects of client experience and operations oversights. As the leader of employee benefits, she focuses on ensuring GCG delivers exceptional service by overseeing the teams, solutions, and infrastructure to meet the ever-evolving benefits landscape.

With over 15 years of benefits administration and operations experience, Carla has helped organizations think beyond the conventional delivery of service support, transforming corporate operations into a strategic business driver. With relevant prior experience in human resource, labor, benefit administration and insurance carrier environments, Carla’s background provides a breadth of perspectives when it comes to understanding the interests and intricate operations of each stakeholder.

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