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Time Savers
8556timesavers.aspxHealthcare InsuranceLetters Asking Insurers for Coverage Information National
82003timesavers.aspxDeath in FamilyLetters Condolence Letter to Employee on Loss of Family Member National
86645timesavers.aspxJury Duty/ Court AppearanceLetters Confirmation of Absence for Jury Duty National
86646timesavers.aspxJury Duty/ Court AppearanceLetters Excuse Employee from Jury Duty National
8576timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Failure to Pay COBRA Premiums National
92205timesavers.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Letters FMLA Notice: Conclusion of FMLA Leave Letter National
92204timesavers.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Letters FMLA Notice: Potential Interruption of Health Care Coverage Letter National
10217timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Model COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice National
77617timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Model General Notice of COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights National
78019timesavers.aspxHealthcare InsuranceLetters Notice of Plan Changes National
8538timesavers.aspxBenefits OverviewLetters Notice of Reduced Hours Letter National
10175timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Notice to Employee Who Failed to Pay COBRA Premium National
2742timesavers.aspxVacationsLetters Notification of Vacation During Shutdown National
8503timesavers.aspxHealthcare InsuranceLetters Responding to Insurers' Sales Calls National
18052timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Sample Coverage Change Notification Letter to COBRA Participants National
18058timesavers.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation)Letters Sample Notice of Unavailability of COBRA Coverage National
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