HR and Employment Law Federal and 50 State Comparison Charts

Our state comparison charts are gleaned from BLR’s publication, 50 Employment Laws in 50 States. This publication is a compilation of brief summaries of state laws on the most important areas of employment law.

Each of the 50 areas begins with a question about a specific aspect of employment law — for example, state requirements that exceed federal law, wage and hour requirements, or areas where states typically differ widely from each other. The “answers” are presented state by state. To view the materials in chart format, download the PDF version.

The “answers” were provided by members of the Employers Counsel Network (ECN), an HR Hero®-sponsored organization linking top employment law practitioners at leading firms in each of the 50 states and Canada. HR Hero® is a division of BLR® and also publishes a monthly state-specific Employment Law Letter that is written and edited by the ECN member law firms in each state. For more information on the ECN, see

These charts cover state specific laws. For local ordinances, please visit the topic analysis page on these specific topics.

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 70 items in 2 pages
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91172state_comparison_charts.aspxAffirmative Action Affirmative Action, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91378state_comparison_charts.aspxBackground Checks Arrest & Conviction Records, by State (PDF) 11/20/2017
91401state_comparison_charts.aspxBackground Checks Background Checks, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91470state_comparison_charts.aspxDomestic Partner Benefits Benefits for Unmarried Partners, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91345state_comparison_charts.aspxRest Periods Breaks/Meal Periods, by State (PDF) 08/14/2017
91830state_comparison_charts.aspxTelephones Cell Phone Use/Distracted Driving, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91454state_comparison_charts.aspxChild Labor Child Labor Laws, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91506state_comparison_charts.aspxBackground Checks Consumer Credit Reports and Driving Records, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91358state_comparison_charts.aspxDeductions from Pay Deductions from Pay/Garnishment, by State (PDF) 08/09/2017
91503state_comparison_charts.aspxPaychecks Direct Deposit, by State (PDF) 09/20/2017
91465state_comparison_charts.aspxDisability Insurance Disability Insurance, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91774state_comparison_charts.aspxCivil Rights Discrimination and Harassment, by State (PDF) 07/20/2017
91399state_comparison_charts.aspxAlcohol and Drugs Drug and Alcohol Testing, by State (PDF) 09/20/2017
91439state_comparison_charts.aspxRecords Employee Records: Access, by State (PDF) 12/08/2017
91417state_comparison_charts.aspxRecords Employee Records: Retention, by State (PDF) 10/31/2017
91512state_comparison_charts.aspxSexual Harassment Employee Training, by State (PDF) 12/07/2017
91601state_comparison_charts.aspxEmployment Contracts Employment at Will, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91782state_comparison_charts.aspxCivil Rights Fair Employment Laws, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91437state_comparison_charts.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA) Family and Medical Leave, by State (PDF) 08/10/2017
91409state_comparison_charts.aspxPaychecks Final Paycheck, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91619state_comparison_charts.aspxLife Insurance Group Life Insurance, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91750state_comparison_charts.aspxCOBRA (Health Insurance Continuation) Health Insurance Continuation: Requirements, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91787state_comparison_charts.aspxHealthcare Insurance Health Insurance: Coverage of Practitioners, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91786state_comparison_charts.aspxHealthcare Insurance Health Insurance: Mandated Coverage, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91742state_comparison_charts.aspxPrivacy Identity Theft, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91328state_comparison_charts.aspxAliens and Immigration Immigration, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91327state_comparison_charts.aspxIndependent Contractors Independent Contractors/ Employee Classification, by State (PDF) 08/01/2017
91404state_comparison_charts.aspxJury Duty/ Court Appearance Jury Duty/ Witness Service Leave, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91561state_comparison_charts.aspxUnions Labor Organizing, by State (PDF) 09/22/2017
91333state_comparison_charts.aspxAlcohol and Drugs Marijuana, by State (PDF) 10/04/2017
91788state_comparison_charts.aspxDisabilities (ADA) Medical and Genetic Testing and Discrimination, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91339state_comparison_charts.aspxMaternity and Pregnancy Medical Maternity: Discrimination, Leave, and Benefits, by State (PDF) 08/10/2017
91464state_comparison_charts.aspxMilitary Service (USERRA) Military Leave, by State (PDF) 08/10/2017
91563state_comparison_charts.aspxMinimum Wage Minimum Wage, by State (PDF) 08/14/2017
91592state_comparison_charts.aspxHiring New Hire Reporting, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
90870state_comparison_charts.aspxEmployment Contracts Noncompete Agreements, by State (PDF) 08/10/2017
91526state_comparison_charts.aspxOSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91334state_comparison_charts.aspxPrivacy Off-Duty Conduct, by State (PDF) 06/02/2017
91531state_comparison_charts.aspxOSHA OSHA Regional Offices, by State (PDF) 01/27/2016
91564state_comparison_charts.aspxOvertime Overtime, by State (PDF) 08/04/2017
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