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Research how federal and state employment law differs on any of more than 200 topics. Write a job description and set the proper salary level to match. Create a newsletter for your staff or company. Each of these jobs …the kind HR managers face daily … could take hours. Or minutes … if you’re using HR.
Officially, is BLR's "Everything-HR-in-one-place" subscription web site. But it really is 30 years of BLR solutions to daily HR needs and problems, available at a click. It’s an amazing program you have to try to believe.
What You Have to Do How Does Minutes

Comply with federal and state laws

Federal employment law is well-publicized.  Not so that of most states … except on HR.  Pick any of 200+ topics, alphabetically arranged, from ADA to Workers’ Compensation, and we’ll show you a plain-English summary of federal and your state law, side-by-side on the same screen.  Differences and conflicts leap out! And you rest easier knowing both bases are covered.

Write job descriptions has pre-written thousands of job descriptions for you, from clerk right up to company president. They’re legally-reviewed, non-discriminatory, ADA-compliant, and come with suggested grade and salary level for your state. Edit or just use as is.

Train managers and supervisors includes detailed Audio Training presentations and more than 100 PowerPointR® presentations on key HR topics, from FLSA, FMLA and ADA to managing non-English speaking employees. Slides, speaker notes, quizzes, take-aways ... they’re all there and all done. Your managers will think you’re a born trainer.

Create an employee newsletter’s new Newsletter Wizard help you will research, compile, write and format a custom newsletter for employees as fast as you can click a mouse. The only thing it won’t do for a budding HR journalist is give you a press card … yet.

Answer a management question

When an HR question comes up in a management meeting, they need an answer NOW. With, you’ve got it.  The site compiles news (updated daily), white papers, a whole library of answered questions just begging to be accessed.  And a super-quick system of accessing them.

Locate the newest FMLA forms

You've got them if you've got That plus hundreds of other forms, checklists, calculators, and other great tools it would take a whole day to find, if you could find them. You’ve got better things to do with that day. lets you do them.

Research and save salary data and My Documents is the web site’s personal storage locker for all you need to save. If your research, key links, commonly needed documents, etc. need organization (and whose don't!), you’ve got it in Save even more of your valuable time when you use the new Bookmarking feature, which allows you to save bookmarks to pages you use frequently for instant access later. Even write digital notes on your screen with our Notes feature while you are working, attached to your favorite pages or documents. Print your notes and organize them in your personal folders for quick access later.

“Today's daily need is...”

Only you know. But you also know that the best way to see that meets that need is to experience it for yourself.

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