My Saved Jobs

When you save salary data for a job using the Salary Finder and or save rate ranges for a job using the Grade a Job tool, the reports are saved to your My Saved Jobs page. You can organize your jobs and rate ranges by job title or the date on which they were created or saved. In addition, when the data on BLR’s Salary Finder is updated, you have the option of updating all your saved jobs and rate ranges with the new data.

Where Can I Find the Data and Rate Ranges I Saved?

By clicking on the My Saved Jobs tab in the Salary Center, you can retrieve a list of your saved jobs and rate ranges at any time.

Having trouble viewing or using the Salary Finder?

Viewing and using the Salary Finder module requires Adobe Flash Player be installed and enabled in your browser. Click on the link below to download and install this free add-on to your browser.

Addionally, because the Salary Finder is utilizing the Adobe Flash Player add-on, clicking on the back button on your browser will reset the module. Users should avoid using their browser’s back button unless they wish to reset the module they are viewing

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