What is a Demographic Profile and How Do I Create One?

BLR’s new Salary Finder allows you to create and save one or more customized profiles that are used as filters for viewing salary data—we call these Demographic Profiles. In order to set up a profile, start by typing in the profile name and check the box next to the name if you want this profile to be your default. You can now select the industry, company size, state, and up to three local areas for the profile.

How do I Select an Industry?

Most employers are interested in what companies within their industry are paying. Using the scroll bars, you can select the industry Category and, if you want, a sub-category as well.

What is the Category for Company Size?

You also have the option of selecting a company size. Small companies are those with fewer than 100 employees. Medium companies are those with 100 but fewer than 500 employees. Large companies are those with 500 or more employees. Most employers are interested in salary data for companies that are similar in size.

Can I Select a State and Local Areas?

Using the scroll bar, select a state for the demographic profile. Once you have clicked on a state to select it, a list of local metropolitan areas will appear in the box to the right of the state. You may select up to three local areas for each Demographic Profile. Click on the name of a local area and then click on the box marked >>. This will add the local area to your Selected Metros for the profile.

Can I Save my Demographic Profiles so I Can Use them Later?

Once you have created a Demographic Profile, click on the Save button directly above the box titled Company Size. The profile will be saved using the name you assigned and will appear in your list of save profiles when you want to use the Salary Finder again.

Having trouble viewing or using My Demographic Profiles?

Viewing and using the My Demographic Profiles module requires Adobe Flash Player be installed and enabled in your browser. Click on the link below to download and install this free add-on to your browser.


Addionally, because the My Demographic Profiles module is utilizing the Adobe Flash Player add-on, clicking on the back button on your browser will reset the module. Users should avoid using their browser’s back button unless they wish to reset the module they are viewing.

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