How Do I Use Salary Finder?

The Salary Finder is easy to use and provides you with access to data for more than 2,400 job titles. In order to make the data more manageable, the Salary Finder allows you to narrow the list of job Titles and create a Demographic Profile.

How do I Select or Create a Demographic Profile?

Creating a Demographic Profile allows you to select the industry, and state and local areas for which you want to view data. You can create one or more demographic profiles by clicking on Edit in the box to the right of your screen that says Select a Demographic Profile or on the Tab titled “Demographic Profile.” If you have already created and saved several profiles, you can select an existing profile by using the scroll bar in the box titled Select Demographic Profile.

How do I Select a Job Title?

After setting up your Demographic Profile, the first step in finding data for a specific job is to select the Field, which represents the broad occupation in which you are interested. For example, Business and Financial Operations includes a broad range of jobs related to accounting, finance, human resources management, and purchasing. Using the scroll bar, locate the Field you are interested in and click on the Field name. If you are unsure of the Field, you may select “All.” This will provide you with an alphabetical listing of all job Titles included in the Salary Finder.

Once you have selected the Field, you may select a Sector. This will help you zero in on the correct job Title. Using the example from the previous paragraph, the Sectors under Business and Financial Operations are Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, etc. Alternatively, you may skip over Sector and simply review the alphabetical list of job Titles for the Field. Use the scroll bar to search through the list of Sectors and Titles. Selections can be made by clicking on the Sector or Title in which you are interested.

Once you have selected a Title, the job description, alternative job titles if available, and national salary data will appear on the screen. If you have created a new demographic profile or selected one of your saved profiles, you will also view data for the industry, company size, state, and local areas in the profile.

How do I Print or Save a Salary Report?

At this point, you have several Data Tools available. You can save the salary information for the job Title by clicking on Save Job; print the page using Print Report; or save the data in Excel by clicking on Download to Excel. You can also view the rate range for the specific job by clicking on View Rate Range.

Having trouble viewing or using the Salary Finder?

Viewing and using the Salary Finder module requires Adobe Flash Player be installed and enabled in your browser. Click on the link below to download and install this free add-on to your browser.

Addionally, because the Salary Finder is utilizing the Adobe Flash Player add-on, clicking on the back button on your browser will reset the module. Users should avoid using their browser’s back button unless they wish to reset the module they are viewing

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