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Salary Finder
Access salary data for more than 2,400+ job titles at the national, state, and local level, as well as for hundreds of different industries. Create demographic profiles specific to your organization and benchmark salaries against market data that is updated twice a year.
Performance Appraisal Wizard
Create and save salary data reports the way you want them. Reports can include data for multiple jobs, metros, states and industries, all downloadable to Excel.
Grade a Job
Use BLR's nine-factor job evaluation tool to assign salary grades to each job in your organization. The nine-factor analysis will help you rank jobs in your organization based on skills, education, and experience.
Rate Ranges
Use BLR's rate ranges as a reference to develop your own rate ranges. By assigning a rate range for each salary grade, you create a compensation structure based on market data that has internal equity built into the process.
Merit Increases
Determine what other organizations are budgeting for merit increases. BLR conducts an annual survey of over 1,100 organizations to provide you with the information you need to develop your merit increase budget for the coming year.
My Demographic Profiles
Create and save multiple combinations of industry, company size and geographic selections relevant to your company. View, sort and edit all your company's saved demographic profiles.
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