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Reopening the workplace against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic includes not only the “who, when, and how’” of bringing your workforce back, but also planning how you will aim to keep your employees safe, whether by temperature and symptom checks or social distancing in the workplace, among other practices. Reopening the workplace also encompasses human resources topics such as work from home arrangements, employee leave, wage & hour and benefits issues, and potential risks for employer liability. Here, we’re gathering resources to assist HR professionals and employers navigate this challenging process.
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108033training.aspxSafety and HealthPowerPoints COVID-19 and the Workplace 06/14/2022
107987news.aspxCommunicable DiseasesNews Back in Office or Not? That Question Looms as Pandemic Subsides 05/20/2022
105405timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPolicies Vaccinations 11/09/2021
105866training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations COVID-19 and the Workplace (Audio) 07/13/2021
107343state_comparison_charts.aspxDisabilities (ADA)Guidance Employees Reluctant to Return? Accommodations & Considerations During a Pandemic 04/01/2021
107342state_comparison_charts.aspxAlcohol and DrugsGuidance Workplace Drug Testing During COVID-19: What Employers Should Know 04/01/2021
107313timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works 135: No Vaccine or I Quit 03/16/2021
107285timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works Podcast COVID-19 Update: Religious Exemptions to Mandatory Vaccines 03/01/2021
107260timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Coronavirus Related Employer Lawsuits 02/15/2021
107261timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Stimulus Bill and Employment Law Changes 02/15/2021
107191timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines? 01/05/2021
107162state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Notice of Potential COVID-19 Exposure 12/16/2020
107159timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Latest Coronavirus Testing Methods 12/15/2020
107158timesavers.aspxTelecommutingPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Workcations a Growing Trend 12/15/2020
107134timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: What Vaccines Mean for Employers 11/30/2020
107073timesavers.aspxHR StrategyPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Delivering Difficult News with Grace 10/26/2020
107068timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Supporting Employees with Headaches and Migraines 10/23/2020
107036state_comparison_charts.aspxTelecommutingGuidance Tips For Employing Remote Workers During A Pandemic 09/30/2020
107013timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Latest Testing Strategies for Employers 09/16/2020
107011timesavers.aspxTermination (with Discharge)Podcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Retaliation Claims Are Rolling In 09/16/2020
106982state_comparison_charts.aspxHiringGuidance Hiring Legally During the COVID-19 Pandemic (8/2020) 08/31/2020
106985timesavers.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Podcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: FFCRA Lawsuits Begin Hitting the Courts 08/31/2020
106957timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works 120: COVID-19 Testing Realities, Limitations, and Plans for Employers 08/14/2020
106959timesavers.aspxDiscriminationPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Avoiding Discrimination Lawsuits While Addressing the Pandemic 08/14/2020
106958timesavers.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Podcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Wage and Hour Lawsuits on the Rise 08/14/2020
106940timesavers.aspxCompensation AdministrationPolicies Compensation During Disasters/Emergencies 07/31/2020
106939timesavers.aspxWorkplace CommunicationPolicies Hazard Communication 07/31/2020
106932timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Anti-Body Testing, Masks, and Temperature Checks 07/31/2020
106929timesavers.aspxAliens and ImmigrationPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Supporting DACA Recipients More Important Than Ever 07/31/2020
106930timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Will Due Diligence Help Employers Win COVID-Related Lawsuits? 07/31/2020
106927state_comparison_charts.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)Guidance Pandemic Planning: Wage and Hour Issues (7/2020) 07/31/2020
106918state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance State COVID-19 Employee Training: Requirements and Recommendations 07/23/2020
106894state_comparison_charts.aspxDisabilities (ADA)Guidance EEOC Guidance on the ADA and the COVID-19 Pandemic 07/02/2020
106893state_comparison_charts.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Guidance Complying with the FFCRA as Employees Return to Work (6/2020) 07/01/2020
106892state_comparison_charts.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementGuidance Returning to a New World: Legal Risks for Employers Reopening their Businesses, and Managing Workers in the Office and at Home (6/2020) 07/01/2020
106890timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementPodcast HR Works 117: The Return to Work? 06/30/2020
106891timesavers.aspxAliens and ImmigrationPodcast HR Works COVID-19 Update: Immigrants in the Pandemic 06/30/2020
106889timesavers.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementPodcast HR Works: COVID-19 Update on Avoiding COVID Related Employee Lawsuits 06/30/2020
106877timesavers.aspxPayrollPodcast HR Works: COVID-19 Update on Paycheck Protection Program Part 2 06/18/2020
106879timesavers.aspxEmployee HandbooksPodcast HR Works: COVID-19 Update on What Should Be in Every Employee Handbook 06/18/2020
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