Spanish translations of our HR training and compliance tools -- as well as analysis, news, and white papers on regulations and issues pertaining to the Spanish-speaking workforce -- are collected here, in one covenient location.

Note: Most handouts and quizzes include English to Spanish translations and English-language versions. The trainer's guides and certificates are in English. English-language versions of the posters are available in our main posters section. Don't see what you need? Call us at 1-800-454-0404 or e-mail

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10982analysis.aspxAliens and ImmigrationAnalysis Aliens and Immigration  National
16291training.aspxSmokingHandouts Are You Ready to Quit Smoking? (Spanish/English)  National
16292training.aspxSmokingQuizzes Are You Ready to Quit Smoking? (Spanish/English)  National
16269training.aspxCommutingHandouts Arriving at and Leaving Work Safely (Spanish/English)  National
16270training.aspxCommutingQuizzes Arriving at and Leaving Work Safely (Spanish/English)  National
76512training.aspxCommutingTraining Talks Arriving at and Leaving Work Safely (Training Talk)  National
18823state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Avian Influenza - USDA Efforts and Responses (Spanish)  National
77176training.aspxErgonomicsQuizzes Back Safety (Spanish)  National
79043training.aspxErgonomicsAudio Presentations Back Safety (Spanish) -Audio  National
77175training.aspxErgonomicsHandouts Back Safety (Spanish) -Handout  National
77174training.aspxErgonomicsPowerPoints Back Safety (Spanish) -PPT  National
79044training.aspxErgonomicsSpeaker's Notes Back Safety (Spanish) -Script View  National
86262timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthForms Bloodborne Pathogens Training Compliance Form—Notice of Right to Trainer Access (Spanish)  National
77172training.aspxSafety and HealthHandouts Bloodborne Pathogens--General Spanish (Handout)  National
77171training.aspxSafety and HealthPowerPoints Bloodborne Pathogens--General Spanish (PPT)  National
77173training.aspxSafety and HealthQuizzes Bloodborne Pathogens--General Spanish (Quiz)  National
96813training.aspxSafety and HealthSpeaker's Notes Bloodborne Pathogens--General Spanish (Script View)  National
77177training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations Bloodborne Pathogens--General--Spanish (Audio)  National
16243training.aspxMotor VehiclesHandouts Buckle Up! (Spanish/English)  National
16244training.aspxMotor VehiclesQuizzes Buckle Up! (Spanish/English)  National
76536training.aspxMotor VehiclesTraining Talks Buckle Up! (Training Talk)  National
18153timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthChecklists Business Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist (Spanish)  National
96530timesavers.aspxSick LeaveForms California Paid Sick Leave Notice for Employees (Spanish)  National
96529timesavers.aspxSick LeavePosters California Paid Sick Leave Poster (Spanish)  National
77160training.aspxTrainingTraining Resources Certificate (Spanish)  National
16256training.aspxAlcohol and DrugsHandouts Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Spanish/English)  National
16257training.aspxAlcohol and DrugsQuizzes Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Spanish/English)  National
76542training.aspxAlcohol and DrugsTraining Talks Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Training Talk)  National
16278training.aspxWorkplace CommunicationHandouts Dealing with Workplace Stress (Spanish/English)  National
16279training.aspxWorkplace CommunicationQuizzes Dealing with Workplace Stress (Spanish/English)  National
76543training.aspxWorkplace CommunicationTraining Talks Dealing with Workplace Stress (Training Talk)  National
16250training.aspxMotor VehiclesHandouts Defensive Driving (Spanish/English)  National
16251training.aspxMotor VehiclesQuizzes Defensive Driving (Spanish/English)  National
76544training.aspxMotor VehiclesTraining Talks Defensive Driving (Training Talk)  National
79000training.aspxMotor VehiclesQuizzes Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists (Spanish)  National
78999training.aspxMotor VehiclesSpeaker's Notes Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists (Spanish) - Script View  National
79003training.aspxMotor VehiclesAudio Presentations Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists--Spanish (Audio)  National
78997training.aspxMotor VehiclesPowerPoints Defensive Driving for Noncommercial Motorists--Spanish (PPT)  National
77179training.aspxMotor VehiclesHandouts Defensive Driving--Commercial Motor Vehicles (Spanish)  National
77180training.aspxMotor VehiclesQuizzes Defensive Driving--Commercial Motor Vehicles (Spanish)  National
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