In the event of an outbreak of a contagious or pandemic disease or virus, such as COVID-19 (a.k.a. the Coronavirus), businesses will play a key role in protecting employees' health and safety as well as limiting the negative effects on the economy and society. Planning for such circumstances is critical. Our editors have gathered these resources to help you get your company prepared. The materials include links to, and resources aggregated from, federal, state, and private organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Labor, and more. We hope you can use these tools to fashion a  response plan for your workplace.

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105640state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and You [CDC]  National
105641state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance What to do if you are sick with 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) [CDC]  National
106897news.aspxHR StrategyNews 10 Things Every Employer Needs to Do Before Reopening 07/07/2020National
105707state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance 11 Steps your Organization Can Take to Help Limit its Exposure to, and Disruption by, the Coronavirus  National
105851news.aspxBenefits OverviewNews 3 Benefits You’ll Need to Offer Post-Pandemic 06/24/2020National
105841news.aspxEmployee HandbooksNews 5 Employment Policies to Draft or Redraft with Coronavirus Hindsight 06/05/2020National
106900news.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementNews 5 Tips for Bringing Back the Furloughed Workforce … The Right Way 07/09/2020National
105839news.aspxHR StrategyNews 5 Tips for Maximizing Remote Workers’ Productivity 06/03/2020National
106903news.aspxPersonnel/ HR ManagementNews 5 Trade Secret Protection Risks to Consider During Pandemic 07/13/2020National
105814news.aspxHR StrategyNews 500-Day Journey to the New Normal 05/20/2020National
106881news.aspxHiringNews 7 Tips for Running a Successful Video Interview 06/25/2020National
105852news.aspxHR StrategyNews Bringing Them Back: Onboarding After COVID-19 06/16/2020National
18147timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthChecklists Business Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist  National
18153timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthChecklists Business Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist (Spanish)  National
105706state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance CDC Resources for the Coronavirus  National
105741state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Coronavirus and Other Contagions: HR and Safety's Role in Preventing the Spread of Infection When a Potential Pandemic Strikes (3/2020)  National
106882state_comparison_charts.aspxTermination (with Discharge)Guidance COVID-19 Addendum to State Termination Notices and Forms  National
105866training.aspxSafety and HealthAudio Presentations COVID-19 and the Workplace: Housekeeping and Hygiene (Audio)  National
106895news.aspxHR StrategyNews COVID-19 Has Changed Work Forever—But What Does This Really Mean for Our Workforce? 07/03/2020National
105828state_comparison_charts.aspxHR StrategyGuidance COVID-19's Impact on Workplace Culture: HR Strategies for Keeping the Workforce Engaged (4/2020)  National
105854news.aspxSafety and HealthNews Deceased Employee’s Family Sues Former Employer in Pennsylvania’s First COVID-19 Death Case 06/17/2020National
75003state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Department of Health and Human Services Pandemic Planning Update V  National
106896news.aspxHealthcare InsuranceNews DOL Issues Additional Guidance on COVID-19 Testing Coverage 07/06/2020National
105824news.aspxDisabilities (ADA)News EEOC Guidance on Accommodations After the COVID-19 Pandemic 05/28/2020National
106894state_comparison_charts.aspxDisabilities (ADA)Guidance EEOC Guidance on the ADA and the COVID-19 Pandemic  National
105870state_comparison_charts.aspxHR StrategyGuidance EEOC issues updated COVID-19 guidance  National
105861news.aspxPayrollNews Employers Watching Bill Aimed at Easing PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules 06/02/2020National
18149state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance FDA Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment for Infection Control  National
105769state_comparison_charts.aspxSick LeaveGuidance Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What You Need to Know to Comply (3/2020)  National
2498timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPolicies Fitness for Duty (Standard)  National
105857state_comparison_charts.aspxAliens and ImmigrationGuidance Form I-9s and Other Immigration Issues in Light of COVID-19 (5/2020)  National
75383state_comparison_charts.aspxSafety and HealthGuidance Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for a Pandemic Flu  National
105846news.aspxHR StrategyNews How to Get People Back into the Workforce and What It Will Look Like 06/09/2020National
105650timesavers.aspxSafety and HealthPodcast HR Works 107: Coronavirus Compliance and Safety Concerns in the Workplace 02/06/2020National
105835timesavers.aspxAliens and ImmigrationPodcast HR Works: COVID-19 Update on Immigration Freeze Part 1  National
105836timesavers.aspxAliens and ImmigrationPodcast HR Works: COVID-19 Update on Immigration Freeze Part 2  National
105831news.aspxFlexible Benefits/ Cafeteria PlansNews IRS Provides Relief for Cafeteria Plan Changes, FSA Grace Periods 05/18/2020National
105843news.aspxHealthcare InsuranceNews Large Employer Groups Send Congress Healthcare Recommendations for Pandemic Response 06/02/2020National
11033analysis.aspxLeave of Absence (FMLA)Analysis Leave of Absence (FMLA)  National
105832news.aspxHomeworkers/ TelecommutingNews Legal Risks to Weigh Before Making Telework Permanent 06/01/2020National
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