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3207Healthcare Insurance Do you automatically enroll employees in your organization’s 401(k) or 403(b) plan? 04/12/16
3206Retention Which of the following merits recognition for employees in your organization? 04/07/16
3202Retirement Does your company offer a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan to employees? 03/02/16
3201Healthcare Insurance How important is your healthcare plan to attracting and retaining talent? 02/24/16
3200Healthcare Benefits What is your main priority this year when it comes to healthcare benefits? 02/17/16
3199Healthcare Insurance Does your health insurance plan allow employees to obtain insurance for their same-sex partners? 02/10/16
3198Healthcare Insurance Does your health insurance plan allow employees to obtain insurance for their unmarried partners? 02/03/16
3195Healthcare Benefits If you offer Flexible Spending Accounts, which of the following do you offer? 01/27/16
3194Healthcare Insurance Has your company considered offering high-deductible health insurance? 01/19/16
3192Healthcare Insurance What type of health insurance plan(s) do you offer employees? 01/13/16
3190Healthcare Insurance Does your company currently offer health insurance to workers? 01/04/16
3186  Do your employees go to work sick? And if so, what do you think is their excuse for doing so? 12/01/15
3179HR Strategy If you have one, is your HR strategic plan in alignment with your organization’s mission and overall business strategy? 10/14/15
3157ADA (Disabilities) Do you provide an environment in which employees are comfortable disclosing a mental health issue? 04/17/15
3151Emergency Closings How has this winter affected your company? 03/05/15
3142Smoking Does your company address vaping in its smoking policy? 01/13/15
3135Vacations Are employees at your company reluctant to take vacation? 12/17/14
3125  Does your company have a current infectious disease policy? 10/30/14
3116ADA (Disabilities) Do you educate your employees about working with people who have disabilities? 10/14/14
3113Violence in the Workplace Have any of your employees had attendance issues due to domestic violence in the past 5 years? 09/25/14
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