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Training (including Mentoring)
National Summary
Employers understand that good employee training is essential for an organization's success, and they use a wide variety of training platforms and media. Training topics may include general skills, technical skills, company and safety orientations, and programs designed to prevent legal problems, such as sexual harassment training and ethics training. Training programs must not discriminate, and time spent in training may be compensable. Federal law requires training in many health and safety related areas. The federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds numerous job skill training programs that are coordinated through individual states.
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96808training.aspxTrainingAudio Presentations Negotiation Skills for All Employees (Audio) 07/20/2016
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100749training.aspxTrainingQuizzes Using Blended Learning to Train Employees (Quiz) 06/09/2016
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98742training.aspxTrainingHandouts Gambling in the Workplace (Handout) 10/05/2015
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80055training.aspxTrainingHandouts Problem Solving for Employees (Handout) 09/22/2015
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