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Notices (Posting)
National Summary
Federal and state employment laws require that employers post various notices in the workplace explaining the rights of employees. Required notices must be posted prominently and conspicuously where they can be readily seen by both employees and applicants for employment. Many employers display the required posters in an employee lunchroom or break room, as well as in the human resources area or by the main entrance to the workplace. Individual posters meeting the requirements of each federal and state law are available from the various regulatory agencies responsible for their enforcement. The federal government provides versions of the posters in Spanish as well as English.
Employers that fail to post the required notices may be subject to significant penalties and fines. In addition, being able to show that the required posters were displayed in the workplace is important for defending any claims of discrimination, violations of wage and hour laws, and other similar claims.
In addition to the federal posting requirements, employers should also review state requirements.
Please see the state Notices section.
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