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Workplace Communication (including Employee Attitude, Employee Communications, Team Building)
National Summary
Communication is people creating and sharing information and ideas with one another to reach mutual understanding. In an employment setting, it is critical to have effective communication about the organization's mission and goals, and each employee's role. Effective communication includes conveying information about expectations, job performance, products and services, and what the organization has to offer employees, including information on total compensation, training, and professional development. There are a variety of tools available to help make communication in a company effective, including newsletters, presentations, the intranet, social media, e-mail, and employee surveys. In addition, training employees at all levels of the organization in effective written and oral communication skills can be critical to the success of any organization. The training should include how to choose the right information to convey, the right time to convey it, and how to deliver it effectively while gathering feedback .
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