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Affirmative Action
National Summary
What is affirmative action? An affirmative action program is a management tool designed to ensure equal opportunity in recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, and compensating individuals. A good affirmative action program is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the composition of the workforce and compares it with the composition of the relevant labor pool and then includes practical steps addressing under utilization of specific groups. A number of federal and state statutes mandate that certain contractors maintain a written affirmative action program.
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98765faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers How long after your affirmative action year ends do you have to complete your reports and put together your narrative binder? (60 days, 90 days, etc.) 10/09/2015National
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91691faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers Can you please tell me when the Affirmitive Action policy for Nonfederal Contractor or Subcontractor was last updated? 05/31/2012National
90741faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers We are a bank. Since savings bonds are no longer being sold by Treasury, are we still a government contractor? 01/13/2012National
86023faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers A private employer drops from 150 employees to 50 employees. Does the employer need to continue to fill out the EEO-1 report? 03/09/2011National
85662faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers How do we calculate the Availability Factor Computation for our AAP? 02/23/2011National
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81885faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers are non-profit organizations required to file an EEO-1? 03/10/2010National
81636faqs.aspxAffirmative ActionQuestions & Answers We combine our policy on Employment Practices (Hiring, Promoting and Recruiting, etc.) with our Affirmative Action Plan? What about our harassment and discrimination policies? 01/27/2010National
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1664timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionChecklists Affirmative Action for Disabled Individuals Checklist  National
75837timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionChecklists Affirmative Action for Disabled Veterans and Other Protected Veterans Checklist  National
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86720timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Affirmative Action: Antiharassment Policy  National
98445timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionChecklists Checklist for Compliance with Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973  National
86721timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Definition of Applicant Policy  National
87535timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionForms Designation of Responsibility for Implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan  National
95179timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Dissemination of Policy: Affirmative Action for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities  National
86722timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Dissemination of the Affirmative Action Policy (Women and Minorities)  National
17240timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionForms EEO-1 Self-Identification Form  National
2494timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies EEO/Affirmative Action Based on Gender (Standard)  National
75560state_comparison_charts.aspxAffirmative ActionGuidance EEOC's Instruction Booklet for the Revised EEO-1 Survey Report  National
94174timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionLetters EEOC’s Office of Legal Counsel Opinion Letter: Pre-employment Disability Inquiries  National
2491timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Equal Opportunity Clause for Affirmative Action (Incorp. by Reference)  National
9179timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPosters Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO, Updated with GINA)  National
16211timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPosters Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO; Spanish, Updated with GINA)  National
86723timesavers.aspxAffirmative ActionPolicies Federal Contractor or Subcontractor Disability/Veteran Policy (Standard)  National
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