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Healthcare Insurance
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What do employers need to consider regarding healthcare benefits? The enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marks the latest step in a continuing shift from virtually no federal regulation of employer-sponsored health insurance to extensive substantive and administrative requirements. This regulation initially included the reporting, disclosure, and claims procedure requirements enacted in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Through the years, additional federal requirements were added, including portability and coverage guarantees, minimum maternity stays, mental health parity, required coverage of reconstructive surgery following a covered mastectomy, coverage of adoptees, and pediatric vaccine requirements. During the same period, there was a large increase in state insurance law benefit mandates.
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87906faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers We are developing a self-funded HDHP/HSA option. Is it correct that once the out of pocket maximum is reached, the plan cannot charge copays? 05/25/2011National
87666faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Under ACA, dependent coverage must be offered to dependents up to age 26. Does this mean that an employee's step child would be eligible to enroll in our plan? 05/18/2011National
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87058faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Can we run an HDHP/HSA plan on a plan year instead of a calendar year? How does that affect employee contributions if we start midyear? 04/19/2011National
86279faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers If an employee that is 24 years old and works full-time, are they eligible to stay on their parent’s health plan or do they have to take their employer’s plan? 03/17/2011National
85774faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Can we offer health insurance benefits to management-level employees only? 02/28/2011National
85513faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Can we pay the full family health insurance premium for employees with professional degrees and single premium amount for other employees? 02/15/2011National
85505faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Are hearing aids typically covered under group health insurance? Does BLR have survey data on health insurance plans? 02/14/2011National
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84430faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Does eligibility of a dependent under the age of 26 change if he or she is married, living out of state, or employed? 01/03/2011National
84414faqs.aspxHealthcare InsuranceQuestions & Answers Is there a new regulation that limits the increase in health insurance premiums to 10%? 01/03/2011National
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