November 07, 2012
Advice on how to prevent violence in the workplace

An employee made national news yesterday when he went into work and shot four coworkers at a Fresno, California, poultry processing plant. In response to this tragic event, employers may be reevaluating the steps they take to prevent workplace violence.

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Below are several resources on that can help employers prevent acts of violence in their workplace.

Expert advice

Tackle workplace violence with care—Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., a former head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), believes the best way to help employers maintain safe workplaces is to issue guidelines rather than move to enforce the law that already exists. In this article, Foulke offers advice on preventing workplace violence.

How to resolve conflict: Do's and don'ts—Does your workplace have a policy or guidance on how to resolve conflict? In order to keep your employees safe and happy, and to keep your organization productive and efficient, it's crucial for you to understand how to manage and prevent workplace conflict and how to train your supervisors.


Workplace Violence Warning Signs (Training Talk)—Do the supervisors and employees at your organization recognize the warning signs of a possible episode of violence in the workplace? This training talk will help help employees and supervisors recognize the threat of violence in the workplace and be aware of individual or situation warning signs of potential violence. (Available to everyone.)

Preventing Workplace Violence--What Employees Need to Know (PPT)—Although the risk of workplace violence may be small, any workplace might be vulnerable. This training presentation will help employees understand why workplace violence occurs, who may be involved, how violent situations can arise, and what to do to reduce the risk that they will be victims of workplace violence. Also available in Spanish. (Available to subscribers and trial members.)

Violence in the Workplace--How to Prevent and Defuse for Supervisors (PPT)—Your supervisors play an important role in preventing workplace violence, recognizing potential threats, defusing violent situations, and training employees to follow proper security procedures. The purpose of this training session is to provide them with the tools they need to do this important job, as well as heighten their awareness of this serious and pervasive problem. (Available to subscribers and trial members.)

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