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May 03, 2007

We're a bit hesitant to tell you about ThinkGeek, for fear that we'll share the blame for the chaos their devious devices might bring to your workplace. However, we trust in the maturity and discretion of our readers, and besides, we needed something to write about this week.

ThinkGeek's Annoy-a-tron
ThinkGeek, makers of "stuff for smart masses," first came to our attention via the Annoy-a-tron, a tiny device that emits a short -- but very annoying -- beep every few minutes. You can select a pitch of either the 2 kHz of 12 kHz, depending upon your degree of dislike for your intended target. And, of course, the device is magnetized for easy hiding under your co-worker's desk or in other cubicle crannies.

"Assuming you have done your part in selecting a suitable hiding location for the Annoy-a-tron, it will do its part to drive your co-workers slowly mad with its short and seemingly random beeps," ThinkGeek proclaims. "And when someone does locate the Annoy-a-tron, they're really not going to know what it is -- which is almost as much fun as watching them search for it. Muahaha."

But wait -- that's only one of the company's many office "toys." Take, for example, the USB Missile Launcher. Listed under the heading, "Cubicle warfare just got an upgrade," the three-barreled, computer-controled launcher rotates 360 degrees (45 degrees vertically) and can terrorize colleagues within a 405 square-foot area.

Others in the company's line of Geek Toys designed for cubicle warfare include:

  • Ninja Attack -- A handheld launcher can catapult four tiny plastic ninjas to do battle in your neighbor's cubicle
  • Airzooka Air Gun -- Blasts a "harmless" ball of air up to 20 feet
  • Megazooka -- "Airzooka has a bigger, meaner brother..."
  • Lazer (sic) Trip Wire -- Protects your desk with an invisible perimeter alarm system
  • Screaming Monkey Slingshot -- "Pull back and let fly. It's screaming monkey time!"
  • Firewheel Rubber Band Gun -- Shoots up to 10 rubber bands at once
  • Sonic Grenade -- "Pull pin and throw. Only the pin can stop the noise now!"
The list goes on and on. And, if we haven't done enough damage already, we can tell you that most of the toys seem pretty reasonably priced at between $5 and $50.

But you didn't hear that from us.

Sources: ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron and ThinkGeek Cube Warfare Toys

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