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January 19, 2012

Workers may say they are concerned about catching the flu, a virus, or a cold at work, but they spend more time cleaning out their e-mail in-boxes than their work areas, says a flu and germ survey by Staples Advantage.

While almost 100% of survey respondents say they fear the flu, fewer than 40% take any measures to keep germs at bay. More survey respondents (50%) clean out their in-boxes daily than clean their work area (only 15%).

Some other statistics from the survey imply that employees are either lazy or in denial about germs in their workplace:

While 33% of respondents said their keyboard and phones were the germiest things in their work area, only 10% reported cleaning them regularly.

And 15% percent said the lunchroom sponge was the dirtiest item in the office, but 50% reported leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Also 9 out of 10 respondents said they eat at their desks, but less than 10% report wiping off their work surface with a disinfectant or sanitizing cleaner.

Finally, 60% of respondents reported going to work sick themselves, risking spreading illness to their co-workers.

How to change this mindset? “A proactive approach to prevention is the best defense,” says Lisa Hamblet, vice president for the facility solutions and service business of Staples Advantage. “Armed with knowledge and a thorough cleaning regimen, businesses can take positive steps to change habits and combat the flu, keep sickness at bay, and promote a healthy and productive office.”



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