HR Strange But True!
March 08, 2012

Denny’s employees at a Wisconsin franchise were surprised when a man came in claiming to be their new manager. To make the situation stranger, his first duty of the day was to cook himself a burger and fries.

According to reports, the man dressed the part, donning a tie and carrying a briefcase. Understandably, the real manager—who was at the restaurant—called the corporate offices immediately to verify that she was, in fact, still in charge—and employed!

It didn’t take long to discover the man was a fraud, but not before he made himself a burger and fries with a soda on the side. (At least he didn’t make one of the employees cook for him!)

The real Denny’s manager demanded that the imposter pay his tab and leave immediately. When the man stuck to his story and refused to pay his tab, she called 911. The police came and eventually arrested the man.

The Wisconsin man faces a slew of charges. In addition to posing as a Denny’s manager and not paying his bill, one of his props—his suitcase—allegedly contained crack pipes, and he was carrying a stun gun on his hip.


Madison Far East News

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