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February 23, 2012

A new survey by 11mark, an integrated marketing agency, confirms what you’ve already suspected. Your workers are texting, e-mailing, and, yes—as you may have heard—talking on their phones in the restroom. And some are even working!

“The writing is on the stall,” says Nicole Burdette, principal, 11mark. “This study, IT in the Toilet, confirms what we all know—that the last private place is no longer private. And, that the ‘mobile-everywhere’ phenomenon is flushing out a host of new opportunities for savvy communicators.”

The survey of 1,000 Americans reveals that neither men nor women are going to the bathroom alone today; 74 percent of men and 76 percent of women report they have used their mobile phone in the bathroom.

Also, 63 percent report they have answered a phone call, and 41 percent have initiated a phone call. Many (67 percent) have read a text, and 38 percent have surfed the Internet. Unbelievably, respondents also reported communicating via social media and browsing and buying items while they are on the throne! Commode commerce?

Your male workers may be more addicted to using cell phones while indisposed, with 30 percent reporting, “I don't go to the bathroom without my mobile phone,” versus 20 percent of women.

Men also reported working from the bathroom more than women; 20 percent say they have participated in work-related calls versus 13 percent of their female colleagues.

This situation probably calls for a policy, but HRSBT ponders on just how to phrase it.


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