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January 17, 2008

You thought you knew what questions not to ask an applicant, but according to a new study by HCD Research, there may be another to add--"What's Your Sign?"

The study of almost 2,500 Americans, just completed on January 11, was to determine if one's astrological (Zodiac) sign correlates with what occupation he or she has; that is, do people born under each sign have certain abilities and attributes that draw them to certain professions.

Well, the answer was a resounding "no," according to the Flemington, New Jersey-based communication research firm. After examining each person's sign and looking at his or her occupation, the results were statistically classified as "random."

The study then examined the sign with the largest number of people in an occupation, whether statistically significant or not. This calculation also produced the conclusion that the prospects of predicting one's occupation by zodiac signs were the same as those occurring by chance. (Note: In a quick check of the BLR Web editors, three had birthdays within 2 weeks of one another this month!)

In its press release, HCD Research says that while the sample number seems small, the results "are quite precise" and would not have changed with a larger number of participants.

So you can give up on the idea of selecting applicants by their birthday. However, numerologist Glynis McCants says that if you add up the numbers of the month, day, and year of one's birth date and then take the individual digits of the total and add them together, you can determine a person's "lifepath number." Each lifepath number has personal strengths that can determine which occupation is best to follow, according to McCants.

However, we all know that you shouldn't ask applicants about their birthdays, either. So, you will just have to rely on those good old HR skills in selecting candidates.

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