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August 09, 2007

Credit where credit is due: While it is a none-too-subtle attempt to drum up business, we have to admit that we were amused by's "What's Your Job Sign?" promotion.

Conceived by the VIA Group and developed by Domani Studios, the slick interface asks you a variety of questions to determine your job sign, which includes such possibilities as The Low Flyer, The Rebel of the Round Table, The Worker Bee, The Caretaker, or even The Leader.

Adding to the fun factor is the opportunity to upload your photo (or someone else's photo), which is then incorporated into a caricature of your job sign.

After uploading a photo (or saying that you don't have one, in which case a smiley face is used), you are asked to indicate where you would be most comfortable in a presentation setting (e.g., at the podium, on the dais, at the back of the audience, etc.). You are then asked several questions that vary in content, depending on your previous answers.

You might be asked which of three T-shirts with slogans you would wear under your work clothes, which of four kids you are shown is a born leader, what role you would play in an office practical joke, and so on.

When you finish answering the questions, you are then shown your job sign and told about the qualities you possess that earned you that designation.

For instance, if your job sign is The Leader, it's because "You read co-workers' strengths, weaknesses, and personality conflicts like an ancient mariner reading the stars and guide that great office ship home, baby. Sure, they see you as manipulative, callous, and only willing to listen to your own counsel. But when it's time to get moving or make a tough decision, those same people--and their oh-so-tender feelings--fall in line, right where you tell them to."

If you are The Rebel of the Round Table, "You disagree and argue your case until you're blue (or your boss is red) in the face. You cling to your opinions like a dog with a FrisbeeTM, questioning everything--even your own right to question." And, Mr. or Ms. Worker Bee, "You of the head down--nose to the grindstone--'get 'er done' attitude are every boss's dream. But you're also blowing the curve for your co-workers' productivity, which may keep you from hanging with the 'cool kids' at lunch."

Me? The Caretaker? That's right, colleagues--go ahead and laugh. But when you get right down to it, I am "the super glue holding the proverbial fingers of [our] workplace together. Out of paper? Call [me]. Something's broken? Call [me]. Nasty bit of E. coli going around? Well, call a doctor. But then, call [me], so that everyone knows not to eat the green onions."

Not surprisingly, each of these descriptions includes a not very veiled suggestion that you might want to be looking for a new job. For example, The Leader is asked, "But really, though, shouldn't you be commanding a bigger army?" And The Rebel of the Round Table is told it might be time to "find a new corporate courtroom in which to plead your case."

Oh, and be sure to read the methodology section.

Source: What's Your Job Sign?

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