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April 07, 2011

Interns have been a hot topic for the 'HR Strange But True' column. Here are some of our favorite articles that we think you'll go 'ga-ga' over.

An Intern to Go Ga Ga Over -- The HR Director at Philip Treacy better get out the dress code policy—especially about taking breaks to change outfits every hour. And this "Celebrity Intern" will make everyone forget Bret Michaels' bandanas and hats on the "Celebrity Apprentice." In fact, she will make the workplace go completely Gaga.

Intern: Who's the Genius Who Left Me in Charge of Sensitive Data? -- A 22-year-old intern with the state of Ohio, was given a lot of responsibility when he was asked to handle two tapes containing sensitive data after work each day. When he was fired after a tape was stolen from his parked car, he pointed the finger at his supervisors, whom he claims never gave him proper instructions on how to handle the tapes when he brought them home.

PETA Who? BETI Says 'Stop Intern Abuse!' -- Speaking from experience, an internship can be hit or miss. It can be a fascinating--and sometimes lucrative--introduction to a profession. It can be a painful experience filled with all manner of grunt work ("Save it for the intern!"). Or, worse yet, it can be 10 weeks of make-work boredom, where the highlight of the day is filling your department's lunch order.

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