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September 23, 2010
Sara Eckel a writer at ForbesWoman, wondered why workers experienced the dreaded 3 o’clock crash, subject of all those energy drink commercials—and quick runs to the coffee pot or candy machine. But when this topic was posted on a blog, respondents said it wasn’t just drops in blood sugar that pooped them out.

Eckel interviewed experts in workplace productivity and exhaustion and came up with the “Top Ten Energy Drains.” Here is a short synopsis:

  1. Multitasking—“You think you can do it all! Actually, you can't.”
  2. Sitting still—“The less energy you expend, the less you have.”
  3. Neglecting ourselves—No time to take care of ourselves makes us become “even more exhausted and inefficient.”
  4. Boredom—“If you don't find meaning or satisfaction in your job, you will very likely feel sleepy.”
  5. Workplace noise—“Office din—clattering keyboards, speaker-phoned conference calls, gossiping co-workers—raises blood pressure … causes tension.”
  6. Needy co-workers—“Colleagues who constantly vent.”
  7. An uncomfortable workplace environment—“Your body has to compensate for discomfort; it will take a lot more energy to concentrate.”
  8. Resentment—“Stewing about the unfairness of it all is a huge emotional drain.”
  9. Clutter—“The more time you spend searching for the file or scrolling through your e-mail inbox, the more energy you're leaking.”
  10. Technology—“A multitude of gadgets constantly bleeping and binging.”

Then ForbesWoman blogger Jenna Goudreau thought she would post the topic on her blog. And she found it wasn’t always those “top ten” that sapped their strength. These bloggers added their own additions to the experts’ list, and some were contradictory:

  • Energy-sucking vampires in the workplace
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • “Cackle cows” who take over the break room and then go silent when you walk in
  • Moronic, inept bosses
  • Letting things get out of your control
  • Unnecessary meetings
  • Nosey, gossipy, don’t-have-a-life people
  • People in general
  • Not having enough to do
  • And the ever-popular—and obvious—working too hard



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