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February 14, 2008

The following item was submitted by loyal reader G.L. Hoffman (which we appreciate, and which makes the rest of you slackers look pretty bad). We can't vouch for its veracity, and, frankly, it strains our credulity to the breaking point. But we just had to share it on the off chance that it is true.

The story goes like this: A guy shows up to interview for a position in middle management. The interview goes pretty well, and afterward he is escorted back to the reception area with the usual exchange of pleasantries.

It so happens that this is a day when employees all chip in some cash for ordering pizza or subs, and they leave their money at the receptionist's desk. To the interviewer's amazement, the job candidate scoops up the cash and makes a break for it, dodging around people like O.J. running for an airport rental car.

The grandmotherly receptionist, not someone to be messed with, hightails it after him but is unable to catch up or find a cop she can flag down, and the culprit gets away.

But no matter--the stunned interviewer is still standing there holding the man's résumé, complete with his name and current address.

So what do you think? Too bizarre to be true? Better yet, do you have your own strange workplace tale you'd like to share? Don't let G.L. hog all the glory. Send us your story (and be sure to indicate whether we can or cannot use your name).

Source: What Dad Would Say (scroll down to the item)

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