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June 27, 2007

Bob Glickman parlayed suspicious neighbors, crying babies, and fax machines going bump in the night into winning the Second Annual "Home Office From Hell?" Contest, created by and promoted by its corporate participants, Dell and Trump University.

Entrants were asked to share a top 10 list and video of the most compelling and humorous reasons why they needed to escape their "home offices from hell." received a flood of entries from across the country and from a variety of different businesses. The entries ranged from the desperate to the truly hilarious, but one thing they had in common was a desire to move their business to a real office, and leave behind the difficulties and frustrations that can arise from working out of their home.

Here is the top 10 list from Glickman's winning contest entry:

  1. Difficulty convincing conference call participants that crying baby sound in background is cool new cell phone ring tone
  2. Neighbors starting to whisper about, "How can they afford that house without ever going to work?"
  3. Dreadfully small office means putting one's feet up on desk routinely knocks two to three projects onto floor.
  4. Fax machine that wakes everyone at 3:47 AM only to deliver unsolicited "Stock Tip of the Month" junk fax.
  5. Eighty-seven-pound Weimaraner who has learned that even a securely closed office door can indeed be opened by slamming one's head into it with enough force.
  6. Neighbors getting suspicious about number of overnight packages being delivered.
  7. Neighbors getting suspicious about how much new baby looks like UPS guy
  8. Office holiday party rather depressing, consisting of walking to kitchen, pouring cup of eggnog, and walking back to office.
  9. Extreme difficulty keeping straight face when answering cordless phone with official company greeting when in backyard scooping dog poop.
  10. Company bio begs to tout, "It all started in a spare bedroom" ... but can't, as long as it's still in that spare bedroom.
As the grand prize winner, Glickman gets a "real" office for his Glickman Productions to be selected the listings at, which will also pay his rent up to $1,000 per month for 1 year. He also receives a paid trip to New York City to have lunch with George Ross, Donald Trump's right-hand man and former co-star of the TV show, "The Apprentice." In addition, Glickman will receive a high-end Dell laptop computer and accessories. Trump University will also provide Glickman with free tuition to its Entrepreneurship Mastery Program. The prizes are valued in excess of $30,000.

Glickman is ecstatic about winning the contest. "My company was bursting at the seams, and is currently expanding in new directions," he says, "so this win couldn't have come at a better time!"

Contest entries were judged by SCORE, a nonprofit organization that assists entrepreneurs and small business owners across the nation.

Source: PR Newswire

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