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February 24, 2009

Add this to the list of things to make sure you aren't doing during interviews--picking up subconscious impressions imparted by the way applicants ... part their hair!

According to the “Hair-Part Theory” devised by Catherine Walker, a cultural anthropologist, and her brother John, the side on which hair is parted affects the way people are perceived and how others interact with them, The Roanoke Times reports.

For example, men who part their hair on the left, the side favored by the majority of males, are perceived as traditional (duh), strong, successful, friendly, and popular. By contrast, men who part their hair on the right are perceived as either defensive and weak or radical and atypical--and definitely not mainstream.

Women who part their hair on the left are also perceived as successful, popular, and reliable, so the Walkers say left parts are good for businesswomen and female politicians. Stereotypically, women who part their hair on the right are considered more feminine and gentle-natured (read docile).

People who do not part their hair (even if it's because they are bald) are considered to have balanced personalities. (Note: both Obama and McCain do not part their hair). People who vary their parts (think Oprah) are considered to have personalities that are multifaceted.

The Walkers believe the hairstyle that makes the best impression for a man is the so-called “Anchorman”-do, a super-short cut requiring some use of styling products to make it look good, that is favored by CEOs, politicians (George W. and Bill C.), and media personalities.

Source: Roanoke Times

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