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April 19, 2012

There seems to be no shortage of bad boss HRSBTs. Here’s a roundup, starting with a few readers’ stories.

Bad Boss, Bad Boss—Whatcha Gonna Do?—Here are a few readers’ tales about bad bosses. From an all-blonde luncheon to an aggressive “Want to take this outside?” debate, HR managers will be cringing at these inappropriate bosses.

Best (Worst) Michael Scott Moments—Michael Scott, the politically incorrect regional manager at Dunder Mifflin on The Office, has had his fair share of outrageous moments. All we can say is, thank goodness he’s a character on a TV show and not an actual boss. Can you imagine the lawsuits?

Personal Assistant Says the Queen Monster Lives Up to Her Name—The Queen Monster herself, Lady Gaga, has been accused of living up to her title by a former personal assistant. The assistant sued the superstar for over 7,000 hours of overtime.

Bow Row: Service Dog Fight Lands Restaurant Manager in Court—and Unemployment Line—The sight of a dog in her restaurant set an off-duty McDonald’s manager into action—so much so that she has been charged with assault and battery. Was she following the rules or really overreacting? And where was the on-duty manager?

Boss Accused of Slugging Employee with Bat—Police in Florida arrested a supervisor on charges that he hit an employee with a baseball bat in a dispute over the employee’s performance.

Man Sues Boss: ‘Her Voice Made Me Sick’—Not every employee likes their boss, but one man says he was rendered physically ill from constant verbal abuse, so much so, he had to be prescribed medication.

Meet the Top 10 ‘Bosses from Hell’Fast Company, a magazine for business executives, asked the immortal question, “Is your boss a psychopath?” They even compiled a list of the most notorious bosses of all time.

Are You an Abrasive Manager?—Last but not least, here’s a self-test to see if you are an abrasive manager.

Do you have a strange but true story about a boss? Share your experience with us!

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