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July 10, 2008

Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain might be the best places to go if you want to date a co-worker, but the United States is the place to be if you want to end up married to a co-worker, according to a recent survey. and its subsidiary conducted a survey about office romances among workers in 7 countries--Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The survey found that Greek workers (66 percent) were the most likely to admit having an office romance. Workers in Greece were followed by workers in:

  • The Netherlands (51 percent)
  • Spain (46 percent)
  • Sweden (40 percent)
  • The United Kingdom (40 percent)
  • The United States (40 percent)
  • Germany (28 percent)

The survey also asked respondents whether they had dated a co-worker in a higher position. Workers in Spain (58 percent) were the most likely to admit such a relationship. Workers in Spain were followed by workers in :

  • The Netherlands : 41 percent (Men: 41 percent, Women: 38 percent)
  • Greece : 38 percent (Men: 40 percent, Women: 34 percent)
  • The United States: 27 percent (Men: 20 percent, Women: 37 percent)
  • Sweden: 25 percent (Men: 19 percent, Women: 32 percent)
  • Germany: 24 percent (Men: 18 percent, Women: 30 percent)
  • The United Kingdom: 22 percent (Men: 14 percent, Women: 30 percent)

Workers in the Netherlands (93 percent) are the least likely to say they had to keep their work relationships secret, followed by workers in Spain (77 percent), Germany (70 percent), the UK (69 percent), U.S. (66 percent), Greece (62 percent) and Sweden (57 percent).

The survey found that U.S. workers (29 percent) were most likely to marry co-workers they dated. They were followed by workers in:

  • The United Kingdom (21 percent)
  • Germany (19 percent)
  • Spain (17 percent)
  • Sweden (16 percent).

Workers from Greece (5 percent) and the Netherlands (4 percent) were the least likely to marry a co-worker they dated.

In the United States, running into someone outside of work is the most popular way to begin office relationships. Happy hour is the most popular place to start an office romance in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Greece . In Sweden and Germany , romance most commonly starts at the company holiday party or company picnic.


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