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June 05, 2008

Nutritional supplements developed by a new company, Employee Vita, target individuals' needs based on their occupation, not their age or gender!

Will this be the next wellness craze? And could pills targeting "unique health needs" in specific jobs also cure your HR woes?

Employee Vita founder Brett Waslefsky's wife said her job as a teacher was literally making her sick, according to a press release from the company. As he watched her down vitamins from several bottles, Waslefsky thought this practice was "downright inconvenient," and he got the idea for vitamins that would give workers exactly which supplements they need to keep healthy in their specific career--in just one tablet.

A marketing and advertising pro, Waslefsky conducted interviews and surveyed people in different jobs to see exactly what their most commonly occurring health issues were. Then he partnered with an Arizona vitamin manufacturer to access expertise in identifying vitamins and minerals to make "occupation-based proprietary blends" and manufacture them at the certified production facility.

Of course, wellness programs have looked into altering lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol use, and obesity to keep workers healthy. And researchers in occupational medicine and healthcare have long been looking into how job characteristics, including psychosocial factors and workplace stressors, as well as specific challenges such as prolonged exposure to sun, can be variables in why certain people get sick.

However, Waslefsky maintains that his new products, Teacher Vita and Trucker Vita, are the "first of their kind." Nurse Vita will be out soon, while Firefighter Vita is in the production phase. On the drawing board are vitamins for sales pros (wonder what's in that) and police officers.

Any thoughts on what unique HR-specific symptoms or stressors would need to be combated by an HR-specific vitamin? Let us know at

Source: Employee Vita

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