HR Strange But True!
September 01, 2011

It seems that the restaurant business sees its fair share of Strange but True! workplace experiences. Here are a few of the most memorable tales.

Employee Defends Employer’s Rules—with a Knife--Sure, you want your employees to follow your policies and procedures. But do you want one employee to pull a knife on another because they broke a company rule?

A Black Eye for 'Mother Knows Best'--Police in Fayetteville, Arkansas, say a fast-food worker's efforts to stage a robbery at a KFC restaurant included taking a punch in the face from her son.

Exchanging Rings under Golden Arches--Last summer, we reported on employees who get married at work. It looks like weddings in the workplace may be catching on, as one fast-food giant is now offering McWeddings in select locations.

'Finger Lady': A Single -Digit Conspiracy--The tale of the Wendy’s “finger lady” is well-known, and, for a short while, had patrons skeptical of the restaurant’s chili. However, as her concocted accusation fell apart, we found out that the finger didn’t belong to an employee, but her husband’s co-worker.

Fast-Food Employee Gains Weight, Files Suit--The company famous for happy meals has at least one ex-manager who is anything but pleased with the food selection at work. He brought his employer to court over 60 pounds.

McDonald’s Employees Play Games at Work--Yes, McDonald's employees in Japan are playing games at work and loving it. What's strange is that this is OK with their employer.

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