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October 10, 2008

Stop Workplace Thieving Cold Turkey

Oh no! Someone just stole my lunch from the office refrigerator. The dirty rat! How could that co-worker do something so low? You can steal my ideas and pass them off as your own, but please don't steal my lunch. Don't let your lunch fall victim to the hungry stomach and thieving hands of a co-worker. Use the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag.

That's the pitch of Sherwood Forlee, a designer with "no design or art education," who created the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags.

How do they work? The bags are ordinary plastic sandwich bags except that they have a design printed on them that makes it look as if the sandwich inside has mold on it. The green splotches are printed on both sides to resemble mold.

The reasoning is, even the lowest of the low workplace thief wouldn't steal your sandwich if it has mold on it.

We don't know how lunch thieves operate when they steal someone's brown-bagged meal. Do they first look inside the brown bags to see what's in them? If not, we'd be sure to keep the sandwich outside of any brown paper bag, because a thief might take the brown bag without first seeing the "moldy" sandwich inside it. Then, when he or she retreats to an inconspicuous place to eat your lunch, he or she would discover the sandwich. Instead of returning it to its rightful place, the thief might toss it in the garbage.

We'd also like to mention that an innocent co-worker who looks in the office refrigerator to find a moldy sandwich might toss it. A few years ago, for example, an employee here at BLR mistakenly thought someone had stolen her juice from the office refrigerator. In fact, the juice had been tossed when a thoughtful gentleman had cleaned out the refrigerator of the food and drinks that looked as if they had been in there long past their prime.

If you interested in the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, see Forlee's website below.

Source: Sherwood Forlee's Website

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