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August 12, 2010
Many bosses feel the need to be in multiple places at once, especially if they are traveling for business or overseeing multiple locations. Telecommuting offers opportunities for management to check in when they are out of the office, however, some would like to have more of a "presence". Now, a company in California is responding by turning your boss into a 35 pound, 5 1/2 foot, mobile telepresence.

That’s right, bosses in your organization could potentially become robots! The robots, called QB, are expected to be available this fall. The company, Anybots, say that their new product “represents you throughout the workplace from wherever you are.”

QB connects to the internet over WiFi, so the user can control their robot from anywhere as long as they have a computer and an internet connection. The $15,000 robot has two-way communication features including a speaker, microphone, camera, and video screen, which can show live video!

The robot goes 3.5 mph and operators use 4 arrow key commands to direct the machine. There is also a built-in guidance system to help avoid running into furniture—or employees!

While bosses can use the technology, Anybots can be used by anyone. The company promotes employee use, and even suggests inviting customers, vendors, or consultants to use the robot to take a tour of facilities.

Overtime may be a bit of an issue however. The battery life lasts a typical workday, 8 hours, at which time the QB needs to plug in and recharge.



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