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February 23, 2012

A few months ago, we ran a column about bizarre bathroom tales. There was an assortment of odd bathroom behavior, including one reader's story about an akward phone interview. Here are a few more restroom stories from our readers.

Story #1: “I Twisted My Ankle on the Toilet”

toilet“We had an employee claim she injured her ankle when her foot slipped off the toilet handle while she was flushing the toilet, causing her ankle to hit the side of the stall. She claimed the employee restroom was too dirty to use her hands and that washing with soap and water would not remove the germs. Thankfully, it never went beyond a Supervisor's Report of Injury, or I would have had a difficult time explaining this one to the Workers' Comp carrier.

“The restroom in question is used by about 12 female employees and is cleaned daily. In fact, the said employee regularly complains about the strong smell of the cleaners used to clean it. Go figure.”

Story #2: The ‘Toilet Situation’

“Working in a small office, we have a single-stall bathroom for all the ladies. Someone came out of the bathroom and marched straight into my office complaining of a ‘toilet situation.’ Apparently, someone had clogged the toilet and felt the need to leave it for the next visitor. I've had to send my fair share of difficult e-mails in my time, but this one took the cake:

Unfortunately we do not have an on-site janitor here in our building.

When we have bathroom needs, we need to be responsible for changing toilet paper, hand towels and, now, plunging our own debris.

Thanks for your cooperation and please step up and take care of the toilet—it is waiting for you.


The culprit didn't own up to the incident, and we invoked the rule of ‘Finders Keepers’ and my friend had to clean it up—but I did buy her lunch for her heroic duties that fateful morning.”

Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

Do you have your own strange but true story?

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