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April 14, 2011

What’s worse than wearing a hat to an interview? Wearing a hat that says “Take this Job and Shove It.”

Hiring managers have had their fair share of 'strange but true' HR stories. Here are a few outrageous interview experiences that made CareerBuilder’s list:

  • Provided a detailed listing of how their previous employer made them mad.
  • Hugged hiring manager at the end of the interview.
  • Ate all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions.
  • Constantly bad mouthed spouse.
  • Wore a hat that said “Take this Job and Shove It.”
  • Talked about how an affair cost him a previous job.
  • Threw his beer can in the outside trashcan before coming into the reception office.

Interview mistakes aren’t always this extreme, but they are fairly common. CareerBuilder surveyed over 2,400 hiring managers about the most frequent interview mistakes, and many of the top offenders can be easily avoided.

The most common mistake was answering a cell phone. Over 71 percent of respondents said they’ve been in an interview where an applicant answers a cell phone or responds to a text. Dressing inappropriately and appearing disinterested tied for 2nd place (69%).

Some other notable offenders:

  • Acting arrogant 66 %
  • Speaking negatively about a current or previous employer 63%
  • Chewing gum 59%

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