HR Strange But True!
December 29, 2011

As the year 2011 comes to an end, we thought we’d give a brief recap of the sometimes strange world of HR. Here are the top 10 HR Strange but True! stories of 2011, and we are happy to say that a few readers’ stories made the list!

1. A ‘Fishy’ Reason for Termination (Reader’s Story)—It’s not unheard of for applicants to lie about the reason they were terminated from their previous job. However, this applicant gave a particularly fishy explanation.

2. Personal Distance Meets Cultural Difference (Reader’s Story)—Some HR stories showed that hiring managers should take an applicant’s background into consideration before making judgments about their actions during an interview.

3. Canine References and Other Unusual Résumé Mishaps—In its annual survey, CareerBuilder gathered readers’ most unusual résumé and interview mistakes, including using a dog for a reference or listing Michael Jackson moves as a special skill.

4. Bizarre Bathroom Tales—The editors at Strange but True have covered all areas of the workplace, from boardrooms to break rooms. However, one room is often overlooked—bathrooms. So, here are a few bizarre bathroom tales.

5. Dipping into the Company Candy Jar (Reader’s Story)—The first impression this applicant made was that she had a serious sweet tooth (or was really hungry?).

6. Ignoring Spell-Check (Reader’s Story)—Here are three tales submitted by readers of résumés that would make your grade-school English teacher cringe.

7. HR Invades Workplace Restrooms—There is no area in the workplace that doesn’t require the involvement of Human Resources, including, some say, the restroom. Yes, bathrooms are the next frontier for corporate communications!

8. Workers’ Comp—Lots of Laughs—When you think of workers’ compensation, you usually don’t think of humor. However, that’s how a few television producers viewed it earlier this year. They think that workers’ comp is downright funny—so they decided to base a sitcom on it!

9. Put the Smartphone Down (Reader’s Story)—Smartphones are all the rage. You can surf the Web, download the latest app, find a four-star restaurant in the neighborhood—the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, having the world at your fingertips may also sabotage your chances of getting that job you’ve been gunning for if you don’t know when to put the phone down.

10. Most Memorable Workplace Pranks—When it comes to workplace pranks, some are harmless while others cross the line. Here are a few stories, as well as a few lessons, including ‘Don’t Fake a Robbery.’

Happy New Year!

Share your own HR Strange but True! story with us, and it could be featured in an upcoming column.

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